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Wednesday, 29th November, 2023

A group of enthusiastic 1st and 2nd graders embarked on a thrilling field trip to KidZania, located in R City Mall, Ghatkopar. KidZania, a miniature city designed for kids, offered a unique opportunity for these young minds to engage in role-playing activities based on real-life professions. The visit also included insightful demonstrations on how well-known brands manufacture their products, adding an educational dimension to the experience.

The day unfolded with the children enthusiastically participating in various role plays, including the Police Department, Pet Rescue, Delivery Man, Air Hostess, Pilot, Bank Accountant, Fire Brigade, Builders, Hospital, Ambulance Drivers and Dentist. To make the experience more realistic, students used play money for transactions, gaining valuable insights into financial interactions.

Exciting activities such as wall climbing added a touch of adventure to the day. As the clock approached 2 pm, the young adventurers gathered for a well-deserved lunch, enhancing the overall experience.
The children not only had a blast engaging in imaginative role plays but also gained a valuable understanding of various real-life professions. In essence, the day at KidZania was a perfect blend of fun and learning, offering the students memorable and an educational adventure.

Author: Sherlyn Maria, Grade 8