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DPGA > Field Trips > Annual Trip 2023 (Grades 6 to 9)

28th November to 3rd December, 2023

The students of Grades 6 to 9 went to Gir Vanvaso, Rajkot, a picturesque resort with beautiful amenities, lush green grounds, efficient service and delicious and wholesome meals for their annual trip.
Among the activities, the nature walk and the safaris to both the Gir National Park and Devalia Interpretation Park will be etched into the minds of each and every student and teacher.

Equally enthralling was the visit to the Somnath temple and the Gita temple, with its vast history and intricate architecture.

The visit to the beach in the evening was also exhilarating. On the final day, the students visited the historical Junagadh fort before departing to the railway station.

The evenings spent at the resort were the most memorable as it consisted of cultural events like the African tribal dance and DJ night where students interacted and took active part with the performers.

All in all, the trip was enriching, informative, alluring and certainly unforgettable.

Author: Sherlyn Maria, Grade 8