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Anveshan – The Science Expo 2023

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~Anveshan: Nurturing today’s youth, for a better tomorrow
15th September, 2023
Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel

‘Anveshan’ at DPGA presented the students with a platform to showcase their innovative thoughts and creativity, while helping fight a global challenge depicted by the topic “E-WASTE”.

Through hard work and determination, the students finished their models adding the final touches and perfecting their presentations. The program commenced on a high note by reiterating the true purpose of Anveshan, which is sparking interest in the young minds of today, to create a better tomorrow. Subsequently, the experienced judges were introduced.

After the inauguration, the students manned their stations and prepared their models and presentations to show the judges. The judges were greeted with innovations and creativity targeted to prevent and reduce e-waste piquing their interest. The judges thoroughly analyzed each and every presentation asking key questions to guide the students to elevate their projects by evoking ideas in the right direction.

The ecstatic students filled with ideas were the highlight of the day, as they are the leaders of tomorrow and to see them imbued with determination and creativity, secures the future of our planet.

Authors: Adrija Banerjee, Grade 9, Daniel Robinson and Aayan Simmy, Grade 10