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“I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.”
~ Master Strokes: nurturing the journey of self-discovery on canvas…

Monday, 23rd January, 2023

Creative expression allows artists to say things that they could not even with their right to freedom of speech. The absence of words gives way to the eyes and spirits to communicate as a painting says a million words silently. The annual art exhibition at DPGA encourages this practice amongst all the students as they are eager to display their works.

The exhibition was presented recently, and was named “Master Strokes”. It was a two-part event with the display itself, organized from the 23rd January till the 28th January, embellished with the best paintings by the artistic and imaginative students of DPGA. The inauguration was by the international artist Mr. Deepak Ramesh Patil and Ms. Mabel Chan Pillai, who were both cordially invited by the head of the art department— Mr. Shankar Kathara. The other part was a golden opportunity to watch and learn from the best during the session with Mr. Deepak Ramesh Patil as he exhibited his extravagant skills in the auditorium.

The auditorium after the inauguration was abuzz with interest. There was a whiff of anticipation in the air as the audience waited for the painter to begin. He started with a tap of the brush, a swirl of colours, bringing the canvas to life. The audience held their breath, awaiting the masterpiece hidden behind his back. The painter had skilful hands that created a world of beauty. He designed a masterpiece on the spot, genuinely inspiring those in attendance. It was an exuberant and educational experience; everyone wanted to observe the exceptional art that was conceived and executed flawlessly by him.

As for the exhibition, this year, like any other, had the table tennis room on the fifth-floor recast into an art emporium of artworks good enough to be prestigious to even the most renowned art critics. Budding artists from all age groups with enthusiastic frames filled with ingenuity were on the showcase. Their captivating thoughts came through with their child-like innocence, mature ideologies, and masterful skillset.

The showstoppers of the exhibition were, without a doubt, Ms. Gauri Vedak from IB 2 and Mr. Antony Dawson C. from AS Level, who were putting forth their portfolios for the first time. Their displays competed with those of famous art galleries and impressed not only their parents but all visitors by putting a trance on them.

The studio lighting, the eminent whirr of imagination, and the lively interest of appreciative attendees made the exhibition the best. The art teachers and our principal undoubtedly inspired the artist in all students because dreamers today may be reality tomorrow. This inducement and opportunity is a blessing because “If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.”

Authors: Daniel Robinson, Grade 9,
Tanvi Agarwal, Editor-in-Chief – IBDP 1