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Astronomy is one of those areas of science where learning can be made very easy to begin on path filled with a lot of fun. It is a matter of great pride for us to announce that the students of the Dr. Pillai Global Academy, proved the above stated statement to be very true.

On 16th & 17th August, 2018, the team of SDRO, an organisation working for astronomy in India, conducted the workshop – “Astrokids” for the students from grade 1 to grade 10. The workshop helped to understand the meaning of Astronomical Science with the fun activities related to space exploration, proving to be their very first step on their journey of space science.

The program contained hands-on activities and experiments that provided practical demonstrations of the content being taught. The rare opportunities led the students’ involvement with the performing scientists inside the classroom making it an enriching experience altogether. It is really refreshing to see that there are many young and fresh amateur minds who aspire to be astronomers, scientists, etc. After a long session of funfilled and yet very educative and informative session, to appreciate the interest and effort of the students, they were awarded with a course certificate, a cap and a badge.