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Humanity has won its battle, liberty now has a country.
~ DPGA celebrates the brave souls who invaded Bastille and gave France a taste of independence.

France is recognized as the land of happiness and grandeur because of its spirit and vibrancy. Bastille Day, also known as “Le Quatorze Juillet” or “July the Fourteenth” is a significant occasion that symbolises the commencement of the French Revolution. In order to honour the day the students and teachers blended their talents and hard work to make the event a treat for the eyes and ears, with different kinds of music and dance and band performances which encouraged others to hum along. The students also put their knowledge to the test by taking the ultimate quiz about French heritage and culture. Additionally, initiatives were made to educate more students about Bastille Day and its significance across the world.

Author: Dhairya Kansara, Grade 9