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Art Department had organized four days Batik Workshop during the long weekend of 2nd to 5th October, 2014. It was open to students from Grade 9 to 12, parents, teachers as well as friends.

Ms. Ritika Jhunjhunwala from Sophia Polytechnic College – Textile Department conducted the workshop.

The objectives of this workshop were:

  1. To create awareness about this art form which has its history in various countries, including Nigeria, China, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.
  2. Introduce students to a textile art form to broaden their scope and understanding of the art stream and give them an opportunity to experience a new art form.
  3. Understand the dying process involved in textile field. This would enable collaboration with Chemistry and the whole process involves chemical reactions.
  4. Fashion designing students had to prepare fabric keeping in mind the garment to be constructed out of it.
  5. This project covers the entire learner’s profile attributes of IBDP, expectations mentioned in the Visual Art subject report 2013 and 2014 given on IBO website.

Students had full opportunity to explore the art form and carry out various experiments which are the core requirement of IGCSE Assessment Objective and IBDP learner’s profile attributes. They were encouraged to make use of art vocabulary through the process of critiquing. This would help them to write the research and reflection focusing on the requirement of language development in the subject.

Working in a group consisting of teachers and students who have opted for different area of study enable students to get aware of the way Batik style can be explored. This enabled them to widen their knowledge and realize the scope of the art form.

Overall the WORKSHOP WAS A GRAND SUCCESS. Students not only learnt a new art form but also got to work with people of different age groups (Parents, friends and teachers). This helped them to share each other’s ideas and observe each other’s working style. Even parents were very happy to see the enthusiasm, dedication and passion the students showed towards learning the art form. It was physically challenging but a unique experience.

Apart from being able to prepare the final piece, the students tried different techniques. This enabled them to come up with different ideas for their next studio pieces.

Overall it was AN EXPERIENCE TO CHERISH!!!!!