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Cascade-26 (Inter School Event organised by JNAA)

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On the 10th, 17th and 18th August, 2019, the students of Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel participated in Jamnabai Narsee International School’s Cascade 26. Cascade is India’s largest annual inter-cultural fest and has a variety of events for students, from varying ages, with a passion for Literary Arts, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Sports, etc. Having run smoothly and successfully for 26 years, we were excited to see our students gain the exposure and experience by representing our school at Cascade 26.

The 10th August was a relatively calm day at the venue. Very few events were being conducted on that day. One of them was ‘Aashayein by Cascade’, a social initiative that the Jamnabai Narsee Alumni Association (JNAA) founded. This year, it created the opportunity for students of the lesser privileged organisations of Mumbai to participate in the cultural festivities. In our opinion, it was a fitting curtain-raiser for Cascade 26. Our teams participated in Dodgeball and U-13 Football on the same day. They played with great zeal and passion and really put their best foot forward. The 17th and 18th, in comparison, was extremely hectic, especially for us, as Contingent Leaders. 75 + students were present, from our contingent alone, and they all had to be at different venues on the premises at different times during the course of the fest. This really kept our teachers and us on our toes!

An event that really stood out to every student watching, and one that we will not forget easily, was the Fashion Show. The theme was “Music” and every single contingent was fantastic! Most contingents chose some classic Western bops, and some current ones too, that made the crowd go wild! Our contingent chose the more unorthodox and unique path to take; they chose to walk the ramp to the remarkable tunes of Indian folk songs. It was stunning to watch their routine unfold and the audience loved every second of it! Another thing that made us very proud to be leading our contingent was the way in which our students conducted themselves. They readily supported and helped not only people of their own contingent, but also people from other contingents. Their sportsmanship and sincerity were truly incredible to see!

By –Lynette George and Anika Tandon
IBDP 1 Student
Batch – 2019-2021