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ChildFund India 2019-21

2nd August, 2021

“An India where children lead a dignified life and achieve their full potential” is the vision of the foundation (ChildFund India) which says a lot about itself and provides a strong motivation to people to contribute in one way or the other for the underprivileged children. As we heard about the organization we were sure about taking it up as our CAS initiative and doing our best to help these children. Even though the original activity was planned for two weeks only, we persuaded the representative from the organisation to extend the deadlines so that we could collect maximum funds to our ability towards this noble cause.

We, the IBDP batch of 2019-21, conducted the activity over the span of around a month in which we collected a huge amount of around seventy thousand rupees by working collaboratively with the students from grades 1 to 9. From conducting special assemblies to familiarise our school students with the initiative and its motto to going down to classes during breaks for collecting new donations; counting and summing up the documentation to giving it in the hands of the representative, the whole experience was very fulfilling and rewarding as I reflect on the betterment, we tried to bring into the lives of some children under the CAS component of IBDP.

Sheetal Sangwan
IBDP2 Student
Batch 2019-21

ChildFund India 2020

Under CAS initiative, IBDP students collected funds through crowd funding for ChildFund India.

The students gave a presentation emphasizing the need for working towards betterment of less privileged children across the world. ChildFund is an international NGO that provides basic amenities such as clean drinking water facilities, healthy diet and meaningful education to children in underdeveloped areas.

The IBDP students urged students to contribute to the noble cause and help under privileged children to get better opportunities and to lead a dignified life through our support and contribution in their growth.