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“Take a moment and relive your childhood…”
~ Children are great imitators so let’s give them something great to imitate.

Do you remember those days filled with candy and mischief? Do you remember those afternoons filled with friends and games? Do you remember those nights filled with stories and the desire to evade sleep? All in all, do you remember the bliss and innocence that enraptured you as a kid? If you do, the children’s day celebration at DPGA this year was an event to witness for you as all those childhood memories and nostalgia came to life.

The day started with a joy-filled assembly with the echoes of giggles and chortles of laughter heartwarmingly bouncing off the walls. It was followed by an inspirational movie, Pelé, that truly captivated the audience of children and spellbound them with something other than studies for the day …. in the spirit of football. It encouraged them to pursue their passions from early on itself. However, this was but a distraction, a teaser of sorts, as they awaited the carnival, which they were promised in the invitation, being set up on the field.

Once they stepped out onto the field, they were teleported into the land of fairytales where dreams do come true. Don’t believe it? You should because the plethora of fun games, food stalls, music, dancing, and pictures was definitely out of this world. The lineup of engaging games featured various fan favorites such as rolling the ball, bouncy ball, throwing the ring, and many more. It was a delight to watch the gleeful expressions on the faces of children, of all ages.

The delectable food stalls displayed a diverse array of dishes for both the health-conscious and the foodies. The fruits and fresh juices were definite crowd-pleasers and the popcorn, while seemingly mundane, will always be a classic along with the appetizing canteen staples for lunch. Along with the eating, the event also starred enthusiastic dancing on the tuneful beats from all students with mighty encouragement from the seniors.

However, what came next (remove) blew our minds as we headed to the auditorium to attest to the place no child has ever been before, the future DPGA. The multitude of skits prepared by the teachers wasn’t just amusing, it was hilarious. The melodic and rocking band performances had us all singing along and clapping, giving true concert energy. The graceful and skilled dance performances were a sight for sore eyes as they made us all move in our seats wishing we were up there with them. The fun games hosted by teachers as fillers were also highly entertaining and interactive.

Seems incomplete, doesn’t it? That is because it is. The final act was the knockout we’d been anticipating with bated breaths. It showcased our teachers dancing to various songs in different groups with multiple outfit changes like it was an award show. The extensive efforts our teachers put into every carefully crafted act were no less than awards.

We are truly grateful to all the teachers who took time out of their busy schedules and personal lives to plan a day celebrating us and executed the entire gala flawlessly. Special thanks to our principal, Mr. Prakash Nair, for his contribution to the performances that displayed his affection for all his students. Not to mention, our hosts for the evening with their linguistic abilities were also remarkable.

Overall, the children’s day celebration allowed all of us to let go and enjoy the occasion making us look forward to it in the future from now onwards. In the end, we shall all commemorate the quote by Paul Coelho that imparts us with a deeper message, “A child can always teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to be always busy with something, and [to] know how to demand [whatever we want, with all our might.]”

The child in us looks forward to opportunities of witnessing greatness and affection, and of learning new things every single day. As long as we keep learning, have a small part of us remain innocent and maybe even slightly irresponsible, and most of all, maintain a grin on our faces, we will never lose the child in us keeping our dreams alive with just a sprinkle of imagination.

Author: Tanvi Agarwal,
IBDP 1 – Editor