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A Christmas party was organised on Tuesday, 23rd December, 2014. Children came dressed in red and white costumes. They decorated their classes, played games, sung carols and lunched together.

The morning of Christmas dawned bright, cheerful and full of happy surprises on the DPGA, Panvel. As if angels had been at work here all of the previous night, the corridors of the school were found to be cheerfully decorated with Christmas motifs such as the mistletoe, the wreath, giant stockings, flowers, and paper-snowflakes! A beautifully ornamented Christmas tree stood in the decorated assembly area along with a detailed and beautifully crafted nativity. Happy laughter and squeals of delight echoed throughout the school, until it was time for all to gather for the morning-prayer.

The Assembly was a pleasure to watch, as all the students and teachers had come dressed in red, white or a combination thereof. Many wore Santa hats. Boys were in smart casuals and little girls wore pretty frilled dresses even as some others wore flowing or slim gowns. The atmosphere at school was festive in word and spirit, and continued to be so throughout the day as numerous entertaining and fun-filled events followed closely on the heels of each other!

The tiny tots from Early Years (esp. Lowers), born-and brought up in the Mumbai heat, had been ‘warming up’ to Christmas for almost a fortnight already. The teachers had enthralled them with visuals of snowfalls and snow-covered mountains, streets, houses and cars! Songs of jingling bells were being taught and learnt, and the air was fraught with anticipation of meeting Santa Clause! And he didn’t let them down! On the morning of 23rd, Santa visited them in their class-rooms with hearty ho-ho laughter, candy and warm hugs! The little ones were then led down to the school cafeteria for a tasty lunch. This sumptuous Christmas feast was organized by the school for one and all. Children from all grades took turns coming in and sat down to eat; food was served to them by their seniors and by teachers amidst happy chatter and banter. The Principal Ms. Anjna Sahi, and Co-ordinator Ms. Shradhha Sardesai were prominent amongst those going around tables as they carried heavy pots of chholey, trays full of hot pooris and rushing to answer calls for a second helping of biryani!

Post lunch, everyone came together to watch an entertainment show that began with carol singing. Students and teachers sang songs of praise celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ to the accompaniment of instruments by our music teachers. Talented students of Ms. Mabel Chan Pillai did a wonderful job playing Jingle-Bells and The Nutcracker’s March on the Violin. Thereafter, a skit was staged by the students of primary section that spoke of the need for Christ-spirit to take birth in Man’s heart, for only then it’d be possible for true Christmas to happen. The show concluded with a song about all the simple pleasures that Christmas brings along.

Children then stepped out into the field for a host of merry, innovative games and fun prizes.

Last but not the least, what is Christmas without gifts? The tradition of giving gifts in this season probably originated with the Magi who came from the east of Jerusalem to greet Jesus with gifts of gold, incense and myrrh. DPGA didn’t fail to follow this tradition. Gifts were exchanged in such a manner that everyone gave and everyone received. To help keep the promises made during the literature-week celebrated earlier in the month, all the teaching/non-teaching staff exchanged gifts of books at the behest of Ms. Sahi and the English Department. A candle was lit to symbolize knowledge that dispels darkness, which was then passed from one person to the other along with a gift-wrapped book from the genre of their choice!

With the party, an eventful and enriching school term also came to an end. At the door-step of a much deserved and awaited winter-break, everyone parted with greetings for the New Year; looking forward to returning to the school well-rested, and with renewed enthusiasm and vigour!