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‘COGNOSCO’ TOK Exhibition 2021-23

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This year, COGNOSCO, the TOK exhibition was conducted on 1st July 2022, in Dr. Pillai Global Academy New Panvel. IBDP 2 students prepared and showcased their objects during the exhibition. Ms. Shraddha Sardesai, Principal was invited as chief guest.

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is a core component of the IBDP curriculum which provides students an opportunity to reflect on the true nature of knowledge. Furthermore, it challenges them to critique the flexibility of knowledge and its role in society. The main aim of the exhibition was to empower the assessment task which gives students a great deal of choice, and allows them to present their objects chosen linking it with the prompt provided by the IB board to a public audience for deeper insights. The major focus was on explicit references made to the selected IA prompt, with justifying ideas using evidences and identifying the real-world context.

IBDP 2 students showcased their chosen objects before an enthusiastic and curious audience. Our Principal and Vice-Principal attended to each and every student, provided positive feedback and motivated them to do better. Students and teachers of Grade 9 to 11 were also invited to visit the exhibition. A feedback chart and Google form was arranged and shared for visitors to provide their feedback.

The overall response from all the teachers and students was positive. Younger students got an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the IB programme, and teachers got a chance to appreciate the students’ hard-work. Furthermore, IBDP 2 students could use this platform to share their knowledge as well as have their acquired knowledge challenged by students as well as teachers. This exhibition was a success, in terms of not only constructive interaction, but also in learning the value of research, organizational skills & team work when putting up such an event on a grand scale.