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CORPRISE – Business Fest 2021

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With a belief that businesses of today are the driving force of world economies of the future and to promote and spread awareness about the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a Business Fest, ‘Corprise’, was organized by the IBDP Year 2 students of Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel, as an initiative under their CAS Project. The two- days’ long online event, which was held on 9th and 10th July 2021, witnessed some of the brightest and most creative business ideas being showcased for in the school.

In this unique event, all participating teams from grades 9-11, were to create a business plan which would help in attainment of any one or more than one SDGs. On Day 1, each team showcased their plan, before a panel of Alumni, who posed as Angel Investors and provided their valuable insight and shared their experience and knowledge with their juniors. The angel investors tried to win considerable stakes in different businesses in this exciting simulation programme. It was a wonderful collaboration between the alumni and the students of DPGA, New Panvel.

The business ideas resolved to address most critical issues and challenges such as eradication of poverty and hunger, environmental degradation through recycling of inorganic wastes, sustainable use of resources, etc. which were highly appreciated by the audience. The event encouraged not only entrepreneur and research skills but also sensitized young students to understand their own responsibilities towards socio- economic and environmental concerns of the present times.

Day 2 saw the finale of the event with Mrs. Yogeeta Deshmukh and Mr. Dhananjay Sohani, from our parent community, as the Guest Speakers, who shared their views about the challenges of the new era that have been created by the pandemic and spoke about the role of youth in bringing about the desired changes.

The 2-day long event ended with much fanfare from the audience who also voted for their favorite team. Awards were announced and winners were felicitated by our Principal Ms. Shraddha Sardesai. The students took back with them not only the awards and certificates but also the belief that “a small step of a man is a giant leap towards mankind”.

Student reflection
The purpose of this event was to engage students to cultivate ideas based on the SDG’s for the greater good of the community.

We had two committees, core, and mentor. Core committee consisted of Joshua Mathew, Kanika Dua, Shivani Patil, Tanvi Bangar, Tanisha Mittal, Riya Gairola, Harsh Kotariya, Aahna Vijay, Siya Narwekar, Ahana Palit, Kreethika K, and Akshara Nair. The mentor committee headed by Kanika Dua had Siya Narwekar, Aahna Vijay, Kreethika Guruprasad, Harsh K. and Ahana Palit.

We had an orientation session wherein the interested students were told about the event and how to participate. The core committee conducted this session and answered the queries of students. There was a positive turnout of almost 20 students, forming 11 groups. The mentors had a 14-point checklist consisting of every single element needed for the participants to present an excellent pitch in front of the investors. They were given meticulous attention and training by our mentors and core committee members, guiding them through each step until the end. By allocating time during the week, we were able to complete the mentorship round within a month.

Overall, CORPRISE: DPGA Business Fest – 2021 was a grand success. With the help of the teams, angel investors, mentors, supporting staff and teachers, and the core committee we were able to successfully execute the event.

During our entire journey, from conception to execution, we all learned many new things. We learned that by perseverance and dedication we can overcome challenges. We also learned the importance of teamwork and delegation of work. In the end, we all enjoyed and had a great time preparing for this event and we look forward to having more events like this.

Joshua Mathew

Feedback from Alumni
I was invited to be an angel investor at the CORPRISE Business Fest organized by DPGA. The event was organised very professionally, and I must say, the students had excellent ideas! The business ideas were not only unique but were also sustainable. I was stunned by the way these young kids were sportingly addressing the questions! Such competitions not only help students build their entrepreneurial skills but also give them great exposure to how the business world functions practically.

Ria Munot
IBDP (2013-15)

The 2021 CORPRISE Business Fest was planned very meticulously and the themes were very new and innovative. It was a pleasure to be a part of this event. All the teams had prepared so well for their projects and their ideas were very new and creative. Students expressed their point of views with the best script. It was also a new experience for me and all the judges and investors. Thank you DPGA for inviting us…!!

Hasti Sharda
IBDP (2018-20)

On 9th and 10th July, 2021, an extremely creative event was organized by the IB students in DPGA.

I had participated in a business fest when I was doing my IBDP. Being an angel investor in CORPRISE reminded me of my days when we used to plan, research, and explore many things. But not only that, CORPIRSE was actually a great way to exchange knowledge in the fields of economics and business. The participants shared immense knowledge about sustainable business models that I had never even thought of. And I am sure that they must have learnt how to answer questions raised on their ideas, negotiation skills, and much more.

During this pandemic, it was a great way to keep ourselves productive and increase our knowledge, along with building essential skills!

By- Shrey Banthia
IBDP (2019-21)