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DPGA > Co-curricular Activities > Diwali Sweet Packing for Diwali

It was a special service event organised by Bharat Vikas Parishad wherein snack boxes were packaged for Indian Army soldiers at the border, so that they can celebrate Diwali vicariously through these sweet boxes. Students of IBDP 1 visited this centre on different batches during the week after school hours. They helped in sealing snacks, packing boxes and loading them into larger delivery boxes for them to be sent to Indian Army soldiers at the border. They got the opportunity to portray their gratitude to the brave army battalion of our country. These snacks and desserts can provide them with a moment of peace to celebrate Diwali while standing on the daunting battlefield.

Author – Rudrakshi Singh IBDP1 and Vedika Pawar IBDP1