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Who doesn’t like fairy tales? Each and every one of us would have heard fairy tales in our childhood either from our parents or from our grandparents. Fairy tales are stories, which may not necessarily be real stories but are very imaginative and informative. Many of these stories have deep morals for the children to learn and inculcate in themselves. Some fairy tales are very famous and are well known by every child across the world. Such stories are usually fiction but make the children think a lot and inculcate reasoning and creative skills.

Fairy tales are also known as bedtime story books as they are usually read out to the children during night time, before going to sleep. The fairy tales are so named as most of the stories have a fairy with magical powers. She is able to perform magic and makes things happen as per her wish. The fairies are depicted as angels who have extra ordinary powers and use it for the betterment of others.

To enhance reasoning and creative skill, the children of Early Years celebrated Fairy Tales Day on Tuesday 15th November, 2016. It was a part of Children’s Day celebration. Children came dressed as Elves, Red riding hood, Peter Pan and so on. Each child spoke about the character that he/she was depicting. The children relished the program.