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Field Trip to Sanjay Gandhi National Park

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A team of excited nature enthusiasts from the teacher and student fraternity of Dr. Pillai Global Academy set out on a trail to Sanjay Gandhi National Park, on 8th September, 2018. Upon reaching the venue, we were greeted by the eminent naturalist and wildlife conservationist, Mr. Mayur Kamat. The rest of the trail took us amidst nature, making us forget the concrete jungle of the ever-bustling city. Each and every detail we observed made us understand and appreciate the bounty and the beauty that the expansive living world had on offer. The sixty minute trail in the nature park, gave an opportunity for students to explore every part of the national park, including those which are not accessible to the general public. Each moment spent on this nature trail was definitely a life-changing experience that left everyone with an urge to spend more time with nature, just observing its nitty-gritties and widening the horizon of our senses, for sense perception has valid lessons for all of us. The one-day trip ended with a visit to Kanheri caves and a joyful mini train ride, around the forest.