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Field Visit to Railway Station and Bus Depot

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Grade 1
Subject: SST
Date: 14th January, 2015

A field visit was organized for Grade 1 students to a nearby Railway Station and Bus Depot. The purpose of the visit was to acquaint the students with the transport facility used by most of the people in our country. It helped the pupils to get hands-on experience to observe how people travel. The pupils observed the ticket counter, canteen, the indicators displaying the time and name of the trains, waiting rooms available on the platform for passengers, the guard who waves the green flag or the red flag as a signal for the engine driver etc. The pupil also observed different types of trains i.e., passenger trains and freight trains.

Students even visited the bus depot where they observed one more important transport facility used by many people in our country. They observed different kinds of passengers and continuous announcements made in all three languages i.e., English, Hindi and Marathi.

During the journey, the students learnt about different means of transport used by the people. They also observed different types of homes (Shelters) people live in like huts, buildings, bungalows etc.

Overall, it was a fruitful learning experience for the students.