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Food Carnival 2018

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Date: 1st October, 2018

“Experience without Theory is Blind but Theory without Experience is mere Intellectual Play”

-Immanuel Kant

The Food Carnival 2018 was organised by Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel to give a first hand experience to the students. The students had to put to practical use, all the theoretical knowledge they have gained over the years. By participating in the Food Carnival 2018, they did collaborate all the knowledge learnt and be-came successful entrepreneurs for a day.

The students had to consider a number of factors when participating in Food Carni-val. The use of language was stressed as the students had to persuade customers to buy their food, make good feedback questionnaires, menu cards and to write re-cipes, etc. The theoretical knowledge of Business Studies and Accounts was put to use by developing different Market Strategies based on the Market research and by maintaining Accounts respectively. Art and Information Technology were used to not only design the menu cards but also decorate the stalls to attract the customers with mouthwatering deals.

Another initiative was taken by Dr. Pillai Global Academy to contribute towards na-ture by making the event eco-friendly with the usage of wooden, paper and steel cutlery.

The students became critical thinkers, inquirers, risk- takers and communicators. They also became open minded and improvised with the situation at hand. The event helped the students aim toward achieving IB Learner’s Attributes.

Thus, the Food Carnival 2018 not only enhanced the skills of the students but also enabled the students to learn “the ways of the world”!