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French Assembly for Literary Festival

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The French Assembly for the Literary Festival was held on 10th September in the auditorium. The purpose of the assembly was to throw light on the literary facades of the French language which are in turn influenced by various factors such as culture, people, etc.

The assembly started off by a welcome song “Bonjour mes amis” by grade 6 students. The event was hosted by Amaan Patekar of grade 9. He started by introducing the French language, its origin, facts related to the language and importance of learning a foreign language. This was further emphasized by a video on learning a foreign language-how beneficial it can be in everyone’s life.

The video was followed by a popular rhyme sung by grade 4 students. It was the French version of the famous English rhyme “Brother Jack” called “Frère–Jacques” in French. The students were extremely enthusiastic in performing the rhyme as this was their first ever performance in French language, this being their debutant year of learning French.

Introduction to France to the school was done by Grade 10 students. They introduced the French culture, civilization and food. They shared basic information on France.

Grade 9 students threw light on French Literature. They made us acquainted with famous French authors, French novels and famous comic books. This was followed by a famous song amongst students called “Alouette” sung by students of grade 6. The immense efforts put in by the students truly showed in their energetic performance.

Students of Grade 9 gave a presentation on famous monuments in France.

Since the presentation was on monuments, we could not forget the famous Champs –Elysée area, and thus the students of grade 9 performed the very famous song “Champs –Elysée” by Joe Dassin.

Everyone in the audience was enthralled by their melodious song. IB students presented the festivals in France.

Ms. Mili, a student of grade 10, made the all students learn more about French words, she introduced the French words more frequently used in English language.

The assembly was brought to an end by a live performance by the students of grade 8 & 6 on the song “Aicha” by ChebKhaled. The music was played live by the students through the medium of guitars, drums, violin and keyboard. Their music was complemented by the vocals sung by the students.

The assembly provided a great opportunity to all the French students not only to showcase their prowess in French language, but also to share their knowledge about the French culture and language with their fellow mates and teachers. The assembly proved to be an enlightening yet fun learning opportunity for all.