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“Hindi humari shaan hai, desh ka abhimaan hai”
~ Hindi, hindi, hindi, Bharat maa ki bindi…

Wednesday, September 14, 2022,
Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel

Any nation’s language and culture are crucial for fostering intercultural communication and the development of a robust society. In honor of Hindi Diwas, a spectacular event took place on September 14, 2022, in the magnificent auditorium of DPGA, Panvel. The event was assembled by the Hindi and Marathi department of DPGA and was hosted by Ashlesha Tiwari and Sanskruti Jage from IB2.

The stage was adorned with twinkling lights and handcrafted decorations, while the auditorium was enhanced with beautiful Hindi posters. Our esteemed Vice Principal, Mr Prakash Nair along with the chief guest and fellow teachers lit the ‘diya’ during the lamp lighting ceremony. In addition, the choir sang a spirited welcome song with voices that had an appealing timbre, flowed effortlessly, and had a positive vibe. The celebration was then carried on by the students’ beguiling and graceful dancing performance. The students also presented immaculately impactful poems and speeches that briefed the students about the significance of the language. Moving on, the students from grade five and grade eight enacted a thought-provoking skit with a specific emphasis on how greed and corruption bind even the deceased in today’s world.

The presence of each student of the DPGA family made everything more divine. Concluding the event with a prayer was the perfect touch as it brought us back to our roots, culture, and traditions creating a stunning visual as all performers returned back on stage to thank the audience and teachers. Furthermore, after a very heartwarming vote of thanks by the teachers, the prestigious National Anthem was sung to bring the celebration to an end. Each person sang with a voice brimming with generosity and pride. Indeed, the event was a massive success and was something the students will always remember!

Co-authors: Aarju Kar, Riya Toprani and Vedika Pawar
Grade 10