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DPGA > Competition > Inter-House Table Tennis Tournament 2022-23

“Learn from your defeat and you’ll be a winner.”
~ All out, all game, all season!

It is a well-known fact that table tennis is a sport for which DPGA houses a plethora of refined talent; a lot of which was allowed to showcase itself in spades within the school on 15th September, 2021.

The inter-house table tennis tournament at DPGA was an event not to be missed, being host to numerous intense moments of back-and-forth action as the four houses went point for point in a race to the top of the leaderboard.

The games were held in the 6th-floor gym room consisting of 4 tables stacked side by side, with a referee on each table to keep track of the games and ensure that all was in order.

As the array of games commenced, a spectrum of attitudes could be spotted among the competitors; some started nervously but built up confidence as the event progressed while others gave off a confident yet humble aura. Aggressive gameplay was seen on numerous occasions in the form of thundering smashes and mind-boggling serves perfectly showing the time and effort devoted to developing their craft.

As the games progressed to finals, everyone’s eyes traced the ball as it made its way to the other side of the table at a ferocious speed only to be promptly returned with equal, if not greater, aggression until either player eventually conceded to a minute misstep ending the rally and starting a new one on the race to 11 points.

At the eventual conclusion of the event, Emerald house emerged victorious, trailed closely by Sapphire, then Topaz, and finally Ruby. While the efforts from all competitors were truly commendable, the event as a whole achieved far more than determining the victor of the 4 houses; it instilled a passion among all, the effect of which will be seen, without a doubt, in future competitions.

BoysSomaditya Sharma (7B)Aarav Iyer (8B),
Ameya Patwe (7B)
Ruchika Jatia (8A),
Jeet Thakkar (8A)
Aroudhra Thakur (IB-2)Mohit Dewani (10A),
Tejas Das (AS Level)
Harshvardhan Reddy (IB-1),
Sanskruti Jage
GirlsAnanya Marathe (6A)Jia Shah (8A),
Prisha Wani (8B)
Antika Yadav (A-Level)Zainab Shaikh
Gauri Vedak (IB-2)

Throughout the event, there remained an unwavering sea of spectators from each house surrounding each table. The energy radiated from the games was so overpowering that the audience’s enthusiasm had to be reined in from time to time as it often failed to be contained within the confines of the sidelines. A major positive impact of the entire event would be the effect on the audience, both seasoned and novice players alike. Not long after the tournament, an uptick of young players practising during breaks was noticed, motivated purely by the joy of the game and the will to better themselves; Every hit was simultaneous to a chip on a sculpture representing their potential waiting to be refined into one to be marvelled at. Wallace Stegner once said “Talent can’t be taught, but it can be awakened” and perfectly encapsulates the essence of the massive success that was inter-house table tennis.

Author: Antony Dawson Chettattukaran,
AS Level