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InterHouse Chess and Carrom Competition

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Through determination, victory is secured!
~ The Inter-House Chess and Carrom Competition; A Battle of Minds and Strikes

At Dr Pillai Global Academy, the chess and carrom competition was conducted with zest and vigour. The intense rivalry between the houses promised an exciting showcase of strategic prowess and precision skills. The chess matches were played with great concentration and determination, with each house employing unique strategies. Meanwhile, the carrom competition was played with great esprit de corps, with each house showcasing distinct playing styles, making the games entertaining.

The event began with students from each house settling down into the gymnasium, with quiet anticipation. First began the chess competition for boys and the carrom competition for girls. The houses battled each other with great proficiency, winning and losing, though never turning sour. Following this, they enjoyed a pleasant respite to recharge and eat lunch. Soon after, the chess competition for girls and the carrom competition for boys commenced. The students played sharply and deftly. The event was truly exhilarating.

Furthermore, it provided an opportunity for students to learn valuable life skills such as patience, critical thinking and resilience. The atmosphere was filled with cheers and admiration for remarkable moves, irrespective of the house. At the end of the day, the students jovially congratulated each other on their achievements and their adroitness.

Regardless of the outcome, each participant emerges a winner, having imbibed the true essence of the competition: camaraderie, sportsmanship and the pursuit of excellence.

Authors: Swasti Nalawade, Mugdha Vinod Patil (Grade 9B)
“Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached.” – Swami Vivekananda
~Dream, Believe, Achieve: India’s Path to Development