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DPGA commemorated International Day of Yoga on 20th and 21st June 2018, as show of our commitment towards this ancient Indian art of Health and Fitness.

On 20th June, we had our primary graders 4-5 practiced a few of the yoga postures under the expert guidance of Mrs. Rajalaxmi Rao, an experienced yoga instructor. The children very enthusiastically did standing and sitting asanas. After the asanas, the instructor, to relax their body and mind, made them chant a few ‘Omkars’ and then did an abridged form of shavasana. The next day, the checkpoint students (i.e. middle-graders 6-8) did the same sequence but the number of repetition of the asanas were more, since they could endure the stretching and pulling of the muscles for a longer duration.

When asked for a feedback of – ‘how they felt after the session’. Relaxed, fresh, calm, energetic – these were some of the words, both the groups responded with. The yoga instructor, too, mentioned that DPGAians did respond to the instructions quite well and she enjoyed the sessions, as much as the participants.