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Student Council Election at Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel (2022-23)

During the thirteen year old journey, Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel has progressively worked in not only delivering good academic results of its students but also shaped helped in shaping the personalities of the students by giving them various opportunities at school level.

We at DPGA, consider the students at the heart of all the academic planning and empower them to play a greater participatory role in the functioning of the school community. With the aim of giving every student a voice and representation, the DPGA student council is elected in a democratic way each year.

This year, the new student council was elected on Wednesday, 10th August, 2022. The proud council members took the oath of allegiance towards the school and pledged to uphold the interests of the school and the students of DPGA.

Selection of the council members was done through a multi-layered transparent democratic system wherein all the nominees for the different positions of the council had to give a written test which assessed them on their thought process, leadership skills, and other qualities required for a responsible council position in the school. The shortlisted students then appeared before an interview panel where they were further scrutinized before the final list of council members was announced.

The student Head Boy and Head Girl were elected democratically through voting where all students from Grade 4 upwards exercised their voting rights. This also helped the junior students not only to learn about democratic ways of electing their leaders but to inculcate a sense of responsibility in decision- taking and bring forth a sense of participation in the process of school education.

The idea of the student council election was to recognize and encourage students to take up important leadership roles and contribute in making the school environment more productive and memorable for all.

The names of DPGA student council are as follows:

E-PTA Committee Members Academic Year 2022-23
ChairpersonMs. Shraddha Sardesai (Principal)
GradesName of the ParentTeacher Name
Grade-1Mr. Pragnesh N. ShahMs. Sharmila Pathare
Grade-2Dr. Anjali Bamne
Grade-3Mr. Shahir H. KhojadaMr. Umesh Jadhav
Grade-4Ms. Kavita ShettigarMs. Suman Rajbhar
Grade-5Dr. Manali ShahMs. Prashika Chacko
Grade-6Ms. Annabelle A RodriguesMs. Manasi Pai
Grade-7Ms. Priyanka Singh
Grade-8Ms. H.S.S AmbigaiMr. Nikhil Aher
Grade-9Ms. Shilpa PandyaMs. Sushila Mishra
Grade-10Ms. Kabini JairamMs. Kopal Gupta
Management RepresentativeMr. Prakash Nair (Vice Principal)