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“Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.” —Bill Bradley

The Investiture Ceremony at Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel, is an occasion showcasing leadership skills, dedication and discipline instilled within an educational environment. This event unveils how young minds ascend to leadership positions adorned with accolades and insignias.

The event commenced with the hosts, Shreya Pillai and Daksh Munia, from grade 9, eloquently defining leadership to the audience comprising of students, teachers and parents. The newly elected student council leaders marched towards the stage, assuming their designated positions for the duration of the ceremony. The Principal, Mr. Prakash Nair, was then escorted to the stage to greet the council.

Subsequently, the presentation of badges and sashes commenced. Later on the highlight of the event – the oath-taking ceremony unfolded which inducted the council members into their new positions. Successively, the house flags were displayed in their designated spots, while the school anthem resounded loudly through the auditorium. Later the council marched out to assume their places for the remainder of the ceremony.

As the event drew to a close, encouragement and words of wisdom were shared by Ms. Mabel Chan Pillai, representing the school management and Mr. Prakash Nair, the school Principal. Following this Aroudra Thakur, the outgoing head boy, Riya Gairola, the outgoing head girl, and Rehya Banthia and Neil D’Souza, the newly elected head girl and the head boy also addressed the gathering. They concluded the ceremony with a vote of thanks, followed by the dispersal of the attendees.

The Council Members for the Year 2023-24
Head Girl – Rehya Banthia (IBDP 2),
Deputy Head Girl – Vedika Pawar (IBDP 1),
Head Boy – Neil D’Souza (IBDP 2),
Deputy Head Boy – Sairaj Patil (AS Levels),
Sports Captain – Karthika Narayan (A Levels),
Deputy Sports Captain – Aayush Praveen (Grade 9)
Cultural Secretary – Kaavya Aggarwal (IBDP 2),
Deputy Cultural Secretary – Tanvi Agarwal (IBDP 2),
Ruby House Captain – Jay Mhatre (IBDP 1),
Ruby House Vice Captain – Mugdha Patil (Grade 9),
Emerald House Captain – Dilpreet Singh Saini (A Levels),
Emerald House Vice Captain – Vaishnavi Jamdagni (Grade 10),
Sapphire House Captain – Aarju Kar (IBDP 1),
Sapphire House Vice Captain – Akshath Narasimhan (Grade 10),
Topaz House Captain – Antony Dawson Chettatukuran (A Levels),
Topaz House Vice Captain – Sehaj Singh (IBDP 1)

Author: Tanvi Agarwal, Grade IBDP 2