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“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”
~ The Investiture Ceremony

Thursday, 9th February, 2023

One quality that every individual should practice is responsibility. It not only improves one’s character but also helps in all facets of life. Every student at our school is encouraged to be responsible to prepare themselves for leadership roles in the future. Prefects have been appointed in our school in order to promote the concept of responsibility and adhere to the school rules and regulations.

The prefect is a role model who will usher in a period of virtue, pride, and joy by upholding everyone’s rights to equality and unbiased treatment. They are the agents of change who have considerable influence. The student council and the students are connected through the prefect. Prefects have a variety of responsibilities such as managing the classroom, keeping the class informed about new announcements or activities, and—most importantly—ensuring that the class maintains discipline. There are two prefects chosen per class, from Grades 5 to 12.

The list of newly elected prefects is as follows —
Rachit Inani and Sanvi Naik (5A), Mahit Chirayil and Adhishree Pingle (5B), Kanishk Sawant and Disha Koli (6A), Pihu Chatterjee and Kaarunya Mhatre (6B), Tanish Nikalje and Unnati Aggarwal (7A), Aryan Patil and Mrignayani Patwardhan (7B), Keith Gada and Tanvi Mhatre (8A), Haseeb Surve and Shreya Pillai (8B), Ibrahim Dalvi and Vaishnavi Jamdagni (9A), Krishnakant Srivastav and Srishti Jadhav (9B), Unnikrishnan Parangath and Shreesiddhi Ghosalkar (AS Level) Dhruv Karade and Ashna Sharma (IBDP1) and Vaidehi Patil and Paras Katekar (IBDP2).

The board-bound classes of Grade 10, AS and A Level continued with their previous prefects namely: K.J. Srinivas and Niyati Rao (10A), Aarju Kar and Jay Mhatre (10B), Mihir Khandkar and Ahana Palit (A-Level).

However, the investiture ceremony continued as badges were presented to our in-house Technical Team, for seamless technical support during all events, including our school’s Annual Day. The Tech Team members are led by Paras Katekar of IBDP2 and Dhruv Karade of IBDP1. The other members of the team are Ashna Sharma (IBDP1), Tejas Das (AS Level ), Krishnakant Srivastav (Gr 9) and Mugdha Patil (Gr 8).

The event ended on a high note as the audience broke up in applause and cheered for their friends on stage. The mark was set, one that would challenge to scale great heights to accomplish the target, one that was bound to create history, by the new prefects.

Authors: Anshika Arya, Adrija Banerjee, Keith Gada, Mrunmayee Rane, Dhairya Kansara & Mugdha Patil- Grade 8