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DPGA > Field Trips > Karnala Trekking 2016-17

After an exciting and successful trip to Karnala last year, we were very eager to arrange a trek again this year along with 10th grade, A-Levels, AS- Levels, IB1, IB2 students and our Coordinators.

Last year we couldn’t accomplish our goal of reaching the top of the mountain i.e., the Karnala Fort, but this year we were determined to do so.

We went in a group of 18 students, our teacher supervisors and also a karnala trek guide. We started our journey at 8:00am and finished our downhill journey by 1:45 p.m. This year we were successful at climbing till level 3 which is the topmost level.

After a tiring uphill climb we finally got to see the view from the top of the karnala fort. The view was breathtaking; mountains were covered in fog; cool breeze was blowing along with a gentle drizzle. It was simply magnificent and spectacular.

Everyone during this trek was extremely enthusiastic while climbing and also helpful towards their fellow mates, as the route was very slippery and muddy, which was quite challenging. But the final view was worth it.