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Navratri and Joy of Giving Week Celebrations at DPGA, New Panvel.

Wednesday 1st October 2014, was a milestone in the life of Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel.

The students were provided an opportunity to celebrate Navratri with their friends, teachers and families. And at the same time, the festive season was ushered in with a special contribution to a social cause.

‘Nava-ratri’ means ‘nine nights’ where the three goddesses – Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi – are invoked. These goddesses are symbolic of the three prime qualities namely, Strength, Wealth and Wisdom respectively. More than a religious festival, it is now a widely accepted forum for social interaction, where people from all walks of life come together to dance and intermingle.

DPGA Students from all grades – right from early years to twelve – joined in the celebration led by our very own Music team with our school band, who played some authentic garba music to get the heart beats racing. The ambience was full of vigour and zest. The school sports field was a colourful sight with all the students, parents and staff in their traditional vestures. Little boys wore the typical kafni pyjamas and short kurta’s designed with embroidery and mirrors. The little girls wore chaniya choli’s and multi coloured ghaghra’s the older girls were graceful as ever in gorgeous lahenga sarees with accessories.

Everyone danced in circles, clicking sticks to the energetic beats of the drums as the music smoothly flowed from one song to another; this was complimented by the melodious voices of the teachers who provided the vocals.

This was a day of bonding, where the gathering, the celebration and the dance etched a unique combination signifying the diversity of Indian culture. Being an IB World School, this is something that DPGA values immensely – the diversity of perspectives that exist in local, national and global communities. It is the celebration of the festivals of all regions and religions that instill in our children the culture of open-mindedness.

Another highlight of this function was that it was combined with ‘The Joy of Giving Week’. Everyone contributed generously in cash and kind to reach out to the victims of the recent flood in Jammu and Kashmir, through the Delhi based organisation GOONJ which is currently involved in relief measures there.

It was thus a day to remember for all DPGAites.