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Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.” — Kahlil Gibran

Where words fail, music speaks. A harmony that holds so many capabilities. From ancient times to modern days, music has always been an integral part of human existence as it transcends barriers and improves the quality of life. To celebrate this wonderous element of life in all its forms, World Music Day is commemorated on June 21 every year. It is celebrated to encourage people from all over the world to explore and appreciate the variety in music.

The students and teachers of DPGA teamed up to contribute to this vibrant tradition, there were a multitude of events presented. The event commenced with the traditional lighting of the lamp by the Principal, Mr Prakash Nair, Section Heads and the special guest Ms Mabel Pillai. This was followed by a stellar dance performance by the students of Grade 6. In addition, many students showcased their flair for music using instruments like the flute, violin, guitar, etc.

They included special band performances and musical renditions by both the teachers and students. Also, to enhance students’ musical knowledge, an interactive session comprising riddles and quizzes was incorporated.

The students of DPGA had a delightful experience gaining valuable insights about music. They thoroughly enjoyed the performances and actively participated during the interactive session.

Author: Ananya Mayank, Grade 9