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NAB (National Association for Blind)

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This was our first visit to NAB, it was a poignant experience. To start with, we had an activity which was done in school during which we were blind folded. The main motive behind conducting this activity was to make us feel the way impaired people feel. Initially I thought it would be fun but then as time passed I realized that it was getting tougher and tougher. I was scared of everything- falling, tripping and also of bumping into something and getting myself hurt. I knew that my blindfold would be removed within some time but still I was afraid of things around me, I was afraid of the darkness. It was an activity which made us realize that those people are special and do not need our sympathy.

On 5th October 2013, we went to NAB (National Association for Blind), which is located in Khandala. We knew that our main aim was not only to provide support but also to learn something which would help us in the long run. We interacted with most of the blind and partially blind people there. We saw how those people work, eat, clean and do everything by themselves. It is truly commendable. We got an opportunity to cook food for them; we made Rotis, roasted papads and also served them. Later we washed their utensils and also cleaned the entire dining room. Well, I had never tried cooking in my entire life, but there I learned how to make perfectly round rotis. I was a bit surprised too because I never thought that I would make such delicious rotis. Though the first few attempts were not so good, with time I improved my skills. I saw this change in me and I think that cooking or in that case, any other skill is not so difficult till the time it comes from your heart. There I worked with my whole heart just to help them.

We also arranged a musical show for them where we sang many songs and also heard a few from their side. It was a wonderful experience. One thing which I learned from them was even though they cannot see they can definitely feel everything. I met Mr.Nagapure, who is visually impaired. When I interacted with him, he told us that it was due to severe tension and stress that he had lost his eye sight. He told us many things about him. We were touched when he appreciated us for what we did for them and told us how happy they were.

I understood that we are blessed but even they are blessed with special feelings and more acute senses. I felt that if these people can work so hard despite of losing their eye sight than why do we always frown when we are given some work to do!! We should appreciate the wonderful gift of eye sight we have and make better use of it, because the ones who do not have them know better than us the value of these two beautiful eyes.