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The highly awaited annual inter house competition, the newspaper collection drive was held at Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel with the same excitement and enthusiasm from the students. The highest awarding event in the inter house competitions calendar, The newspaper drive was of utmost importance to the students and the house Masters / Assistant House Masters.

As time progressed, the final date for the newspaper collection drive was announced to be on 30th August, 2019. This announcement sparked the sense of urgency in all the students, which led to the students of various grades beginning to approach their House Master / Assistant House Master or their House Captain / Assistant House Captain. The students carrying loads of newspaper became a common sight, which became even more frequent towards the final weeks of the collection drive. After months of hard work and coordination among the team members, every house was able to accumulate a significant load of newspapers for their respective houses. The final date was here and the weighing of the newspapers had begun. A nervous atmosphere was created within the school as everyone waited silently in anticipation for a victory. After a very long time invested in weighing all the newspapers, the total collection by each house was known. The results surprised the school, as it was the Ruby House who had yet again won the drive for alone collecting newspapers of 722.30 kg weight against the total collection of 1707.85 kg, which was definitely an achievement put together that the students, teachers and all the contributing members can be proud of.

The collected newspapers are donated to an NGO, Soroptimist International, Chembur working for the welfare of women in the society. The newspaper drive is just one of the many events that Soroptimist International conducts, to spread awareness about the life of women in the society and Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel is delighted to support Soroptimist International each year for this noble cause.

By – Jonathan Reuben
IBDP 2 Student
Batch – 2018-2020