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Pillai Global Colloquium Annual Summit (PGCAS): Nurturing Tomorrow’s Visionaries

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~ In-house MUN
Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel
19th – 20th August, 2023

The Pillai Global Colloquium Annual Summit, affectionately known as PGCAS, is not just an event—it is a transformative experience. This two-day intellectual extravaganza embodies the spirit of global awareness and education, where the young minds convene to discuss, learn, and grow, all while honing the skills necessary to become the leaders of tomorrow.

PGCAS represents more than just a gathering; it’s an immersive journey that enriches the knowledge of all participants. It serves as a unique opportunity for students hailing from various schools and diverse backgrounds to unite and discuss their perspectives on global challenges. Here, they explore, deliberate, and collaborate on addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues.

This meticulously organized summit is structured to provide a comprehensive and holistic learning experience. It boasts six distinctive committees, each offering a fresh perspective on global challenges. From the world of international diplomacy in UNEP, DISEC, and UNSC to the fascinating realms of anime, Indian mythology, and Lok Sabha, PGCAS ensures that delegates are exposed to a wide spectrum of topics.

The Pillai Global Colloquium Annual Summit (PGCAS) owes much of its success to its passionate and capable leadership team comprising of the dedicated members; Kaavya Aggarwal: Director General, Neil D’Souza: Secretary General, Rehya Banthia: Chief Advisor, Harshvardhan Reddy: Security Head, Atharva Sansare: Co-Security Head, Ashna Sharma: Creative and Design Head, Advika Yadav: co-creative and Design head and Tanvi Agarwal: Chargé d’Affaires.

This dedicated team’s diverse talents and unwavering commitment ensure the summit’s transformative impact. Together, they steer PGCAS toward a future where young leaders are empowered to address global challenges.

The two-day PGCAS event, held on 19th and 20th August, 2023 was filled with excitement and anticipation. Delegates, arriving from every corner of the city, gathered with a shared purpose: to engage with global issues and cultivate essential life skills.

Day one commenced with a thorough briefing session, where delegates were introduced to the summit’s expectations and operational guidelines. This session formed the bedrock upon which the subsequent days’ activities rested.

The grand inauguration ceremony followed, setting an inspirational tone for the entire summit. It underscored the importance of unity and collaboration in addressing the world’s most significant challenges. With the stage aptly set, delegates delved into committee sessions, where they partook in spirited discussions, negotiations, and debates. These sessions served as a platform for delegates to apply critical thinking, diplomacy, and problem-solving skills while grappling with real-world issues.

PGCAS acknowledged that learning extended far beyond the committee rooms—it thrived on the relationships forged during these moments. Day two saw the intellectual journey continue, with committee sessions and breaks providing additional opportunities for discussions and networking. Delegates dived deeper into their chosen committees, immersing themselves in the heart of global issues, and later presented their findings and solutions during the Motion of entertainment (MOE) session.

The grand closing ceremony marked the zenith of the summit, a celebration of the delegates’ achievements and unwavering dedication. It was a moment for reflection, gratitude, and the anticipation of the journey that lay ahead.

In these dynamic two days, PGCAS created an intellectually stimulating environment where young minds converged to tackle global challenges, develop essential skills, and form lasting connections. It stood as a testament to the formidable potential of youth in shaping the world’s future, one visionary step at a time.

Authors: Harshvardhan Reddy (IBDP2) & Vedika Pawar (IBDP1)