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“Realizing the power of art that does not adorn the walls of galleries”
~ A deep dive into one of the most illustrious arts programmes in the history of Dr. Pillai Global Academy…

Wednesday, October 5, 2022,
Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel

The performing arts have been a long-standing source of cultural tradition, human creativity and mindful expression. Its elements such as dance and instrumental music have helped in shaping and developing countless brilliant minds. Art has enabled many to broaden the horizons of their imagination, discover and explore emotions and find their voice which makes them unique and stand out in the ever-changing world.

Various studies have proven and indicated that individuals who participate in different forms of performing arts benefit in countless ways such as an increase in academic performance, overcoming anxiety and stage fright, increase in self-esteem, confidence and so much more. Whether it is the harmonious melody of the lilting instruments or the way one’s body sways and dances to the hypnotic rhythm of music, performing arts is all about being able to express yourself in ways words cannot. For the past few months, the PA Department of Dr. Pillai Global Academy had been working on an all-inclusive program in the form of- PSPA (Pillai School of Performing Arts) which has finally come to fruition.

Here at the Pillai School of Performing Arts, students get the wonderful opportunity to acquire new skills and hone existing ones in the form of three different levels which are offered to the students: the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced programs. Be it learning how to play the soulful violin, the masterful guitar, the rhythmic drums, or the graceful movements of dance, PSPA has it all. PSPA’s strength lies in its extremely talented and highly credited teachers who make learning an experience. Their unmatched passion and dedication towards ensuring that their students excel in the performing arts have been proven time and time again with the extremely successful recitals, concerts and cultural events that have taken place over the years. Moreover, PSPA further encourages and trains the students to enrol and succeed in grade-wise exams. Not to mention, there are many meritorious accolades that their existing pupils have received for their outstanding performance in Gandharva, Rockschool, Trinity and ABRSM exams.

For the first time ever in the history of Dr. Pillai Global Academy, PSPA has opened the doors to learning essential artistic skills under the expert tutelage of Mr. Prasun Lomjail (violin), Mr. Hitesh Patil (guitar), Mr. Nihit Kshirsagar (drums) and Ms. Kranti Thorat (dance) for anyone starting from the age of 6 and above which includes parents, and students outside the DPGA family, making PSPA an inclusive program for all those who wish to acquire new skills and enjoy new experiences.

On 3rd October 2022, the students gathered in the assembly hall for the inauguration event where the PA department – Mr. Prasun, Mr. Hitesh, Mr. Nihit and Ms. Kranti, the esteemed principal, Ms. Shraddha Sardesai, ex-vice principal Mr. Prakash Nair and Mrs. Mabel Pillai were among those in attendance. The students were graciously welcomed and motivated by the moving speeches by Shraddha ma’am, Prasun sir and Mabel ma’am. After the speeches, the students were further oriented by the PA department after which, the event moved upstairs as the students and teachers walked up to the fifth floor and commenced with the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Once the ribbon was cut, the inauguration was complete and the doors to the classrooms were finally opened as the Pillai School of Performing arts officially kicked off the ground.

Altogether, the inauguration was a huge success and was received with electric enthusiasm by the eager and passionate students. A glorious beginning of an establishment that we hope will persevere for ages!

That being said, The Pillai School of Performing Arts is operating in full swing as we speak, with a limited number of spots still vacant for those who missed out on joining the classes during the first round of registration-making sure that everyone gets to be a part of this wonderful journey!

Author: Tanush Biju,
A levels – Chief Editor