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Psychology Exhibition

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A brief report of the Psychology Exhibition conducted on 15th August, 2017

The theme chosen for this year’s exhibition was “Psychology and Technology”. With the advent of modern sciences such as artificial intelligence, online networking, social media etc, a lot of opportunities are availed with just a click of the mouse. Every theoretical and applied field has undergone a vast transformation in terms of service delivery, speed, preciseness and progress.

Hence, Technology has truly caused a huge impact to the development of the empirical field of Psychology.

The various technological advances especially in the field of Psychological Testing were displayed in the Counseling room. The displays were mainly divided into 4 areas:

  • Neuropsychological Testing
  • Devices such as MRI, fMRI, PET scan, Biofeedback, Brain Mapping could scan and analyze the brain wave pattern that could aid in rehabilitation of patients having succumbed to serious injuries such as Stroke, Epilepsy.

  • Intelligence Testing
  • A battery of psychological equipment is available that measures logical, spatial, deductive and inductive reasoning that reflects an individual’s intelligence quotient.

  • Personality Testing
  • Standardized tests such as Rorschach test, Thematic Apperception Test could reveal an individual’s hidden personality traits, unconscious impulses and motives that aids in treatment of mental disorders, relationship/adjustment issues.

  • Online Therapy
  • Many reliable sites have cropped up that offer psychological counseling from the comfort of their homes. Depending on the problem faced by the client, an online appointment is booked with a counselor who then proceeds to treat the patient via texting, online video chatting etc.

The exhibition opened at 8:30 a.m. immediately after the flag-hoisting ceremony. It witnessed a steady stream of parents visiting the displays being put up. Many even had interesting questions to ask such as, how viable these tests are, what domains it measures, what are the current treatment interventions available in modern technology. The personality testing exhibit was the star attraction as it was a novel concept for many parents. The idea of analyzing a person’s profile by means of a series of pictures was indeed intriguing to them. Some even took pictures of the online counseling sites for reference. The exhibition closed at 11:00 am.

The feedback received by the visitors were mostly positive and encouraging, they left the venue enriched with awareness of our complex and intricate field of human behavior. Overall the exhibition proved to be a success. I would like to thank Ms. Shraddha Mam for their support which enabled to see this endeavor come to fruit.