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71st Republic Day Celebration

Our National Flag is more than just cloth and ink. A universally recognized symbol stands for liberty and freedom. It is the history of our nation, and the blood of those who died defending it marks it.

To keep the patriotic fervour kindling, DPGA celebrated the Republic Day on a grand scale. The event commenced sharp at 8.15 a.m. with the hoisting of the Flag by the Head boy Saurabh Jha, escorted by the Principal Ms. Shraddha Sardesai and the Director Dr. Lata Venkataraman. The flag hoisting was followed by the National Anthem and a flag song. Students of DPGA showcased their talent through a variety of colourful scintillating performances like patriotic songs and dances. Few students delivered thought provoking speeches in Hindi, Marathi and English. The gymnastics display had kept everyone spellbound.

The “Best House Trophy” was given to the winning House “Topaz” for its victory in most of the Sports Events.

Students had also put up stalls of products they had purchased from the differently abled children to support a charity cause.