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“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and souls of its people”
~ The Republic Day: “The Constitution is not a mere lawyer’s document, it is a vehicle of Life, and its spirit is always the spirit of Age”

Thursday, 26th January, 2023

The Constitution powers our nation, acting as the blood coursing through the veins of our great country. It came into full force on the 26th January, 1950, thus, this day is celebrated each year as Republic Day — the day our country became truly independent; free from the political shackles of the British. This year, a wonderful program was organized at Dr. Pillai Global Academy to mark the momentous occasion.

The event began with the flag-hoisting, by the esteemed principal, Mr. Prakash Nair, the school’s head girl (Riya Gairola, A Levels), and the head boy (Aroudra Thakur, IBDP-2). A thoughtful speech was given by the principal, followed by the introduction of the special guests. Subsequently, the violin ensemble accompanied the guests who sang the National Anthem with pride. This was one of the most euphoric and patriotic moments of the day.

The ensuing event was the main attraction: the student march past. Each house, led by its squad commander (captain), marched around the expanse of the school ground. Each step signified the patriotism that each student held within themselves. When a group passed by the flag, they were to turn their gaze toward it. The strengthening love and loyalty for the nation could be felt even from a stretch.

This event was hosted by the students, Nivriti Nair (Grade 8A), and Taneesh Mogaveera (Grade 9A), providing insight throughout the program. The event initiated with the Performing Arts department serenading the school with patriotic songs which resonated in the hearts of all and sundry.

The student performances began with a speech in English by Khushi Tamhankar (Grade 5A). After this evocative speech, the Grade 5 students presented one of the many traditional dances of Maharashtra: Lezim. The jingling sounds of the lezim, coupled with the synchronized dance moves of the many students were a poetic metaphor for the diverse cultures of our nation that work together in harmony.

In quick succession, a speech was delivered by Arhant Jhadav (Grade 5A) in French, which was translated into English by Kiyara Shah (Grade 5A). Next, was a speech in Hindi, by Raghad Chowgule (Grade 5A), and finally, a speech in Marathi, by Rima Patil (Grade 5A). The plethora of words and ideas was incredibly moving, delivered with passion, and ended the main part of the staged program on an inspiring note.

As the crowd dispersed from the site of the performances, they proceeded to the charitable stalls organized by the senior students from Grades 9 and IBDP 1. They were selling handicrafts by the special kids of the Disha Foundation and all proceeds would go to charity. The parents were empathetic to the situation of the underprivileged children and poured out their hearts (and wallets), as all stalls sold out under the guidance of the teachers from the humanities department.

Simultaneously, the event proceeded to the football matches. First, two groups of alumni played, titled Alumni A and Alumni B; in this match, Alumni B took the win. In the second match, the parents were up against the teachers; the parents won. In the third and final match, the teachers played against the alumni and the latter bagged the victory! It was truly wonderful to witness the excitement and joviality of both the players and spectators. The school had also arranged food stalls that provided much relief to the famished attendees.
It was truly admirable for the school to orchestrate such a huge event to mark the equivalently huge occasion. The celebration would not have been possible without the unconditional support of the Principal, Mr. Prakash Nair. The school’s enthusiasm to perform was heartwarming and depicted true patriotism. It is this very trait of Indians, showcasing undying love, that causes our nation to epitomize the popular quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “One Nation, One Vision, One Identity.”

Author: Mugdha Vinod Patil (Grade 8B)