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Soroptimist Adult Literacy Drive 2019

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Soroptimist Adult Literacy Drive was one of our most rewarding and successful CAS initiatives. Me, along with all my classmates taught the female sub-staff of our school (about 30 uneducated and under-educated adults who are out of practice from receiving education), the basics of English language. We aimed to teach them how to greet and engage in impromptu conversations in the target language while our learners too felt the need of getting schooled so as to help themselves gain social poise. As a group, initially we had feared whether or not we would be able to keep the members of the sub-staff motivated to learn and if yes, how. However, with the valuable guidance of Ms. Yvette Lee, our School Counsellor, and member of SIBC, we could get off the ground with our proposal plan.

Additionally, we also taught them some creative learning skills like thread work art, best of waste, etc. to help them become independent and use their talents as a source of extra income for themselves and their families.

Towards the end of our four-month long CAS initiative, we proved victorious in achieving our set goals for this activity as we discovered our budding learners (maushis of our school) practicing their lessons and conversing in English. This was simply music to our ears! The satisfaction of giving back to the society, for us IBDP learners will always remain unmatched.

In collaboration with Soroptimist Society Bombay Chembur (SIBC), IBDP-1 students initiated a drive to promote Adult Literacy and skill development among the sub staff female employees of Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel. The aim of the drive was to empower women through acquiring skills and education and bringing about a positive change in their lives. The opening ceremony of this initiative took place on 13th September 2019 with the lighting of the lamp by Dr. Daphne Pillai, our co-founder of the Pillai Group of institutions and founder of SIBC.

At the beginning of the programme, a need assessment session was held which was later carried forward by DP students to provide communication skills in English language and some simple vocational skills over six months period. The sub staff members were also taught to read, write and communicate in English. They were taught needle work and to make various items such as fruit tray, doormats, coaster sets etc. with the help of jute ropes. The initiative was to develop empathy, compassion and it helped the students to understand the issue of lack of education and vocational skills in the poorer section of the society that is a cause of increase in poverty level in the economy.