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Orientation for Teachers on Children with Special Education Needs

An orientation session to enable teachers to help students acing various difficulties related to their general school life and academics was held at Dr. Pillai Global Academy on 25th February, 2014. Dr. Prattusha Chatterjee, the resource person was from Grooming Minds, an organization that spreads awareness about supporting the whole child and to enable children to adjust well and thus optimise their potential.

Dr. Prattusha explained about the challenges children face at school due to ADHD and learning disabilities. Teachers were given tips to distinguish between the myths and facts related to both areas. The practical and useful guidance offered on how to help children with difficulties proved to be very useful to the teachers who come into contact with them on a day to day basis. She shed light to the importance of timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment to enable these children to be high achievers in life.

Other issues discussed were the situations which demand counselling and the importance of privacy in all the information that pass from a student to the counsellor. Dr. Prattusha discussed the importance of shielding the children from harmful content on the visual media including cartoons which would foster tolerance and addiction to violent behaviour.