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‘Speed Math’ workshop was conducted by Mr. Sunil Sharma on 21st February, 2019 in the school auditorium.

‘The session commenced with the speaker enlisting the importance of Mathematics in nature and in our life. The message “Maths is everywhere” was conveyed with surprising, novel examples of Fibonacci series as well as the ‘arithmetic related to the number 432’. The students were dumbstruck.

The speaker emphasised on ‘focus’ as an important factor for Speed Math. He demonstrated this by involving students in a mathematical challenge. The students took up the challenge and a huge number of students were on stage one by one trying to create a new record.

He not only concentrated on mathematical skills but also unfolded the importance of logical as well as observational skills in Mathematics with a few puzzles. The students enthusiastically solved the worksheet based on Speed Math tricks taught during the session. He shared his website with students so that students could go through videos explaining speed math tricks including those that he shared during the interaction.

A firm hold of the speaker over the audience took care of discipline as well. A combination of discipline, fun and learning made it a memorable session for all.

The session concluded with appreciation and words of praise by students who shared their views on stage with the audience.