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“Victory is in the quality of the competition, not just the final score.”
~ Junior Sports Day: Nurturing young minds

Tuesday, 3rd January, 2023

Do you remember the sheer joy of spending time playing in the open air? Do you remember the way you and your friends would bask in the glory of the evening sun as you hopped around the playground? If you do, the junior’s sports day was the event for you to witness to refresh your memories. It’s time to be wrapped in nostalgia as the aromas of freshly attained victories and lessons from losses surround you.

Sports, games, and physical activities are memorabilia of student life that is carried to the grave and beyond. They mould the spirit of sportsmanship and team spirit in each participant. To encourage this idea, the school organized a ‘Sports Day’ for the primary grades (juniors) to nurture these skills within students of Grades 3-5. All the students were determined to win points for their respective houses. Plentiful preparations were made by every house to bring glory to them.

The spectacular event commenced with a pledge building an ambience bountiful with sportsmanship and positivity. The ground was electrified with students cheering for their houses. They participated in various events such as the relay, 30-meter race, tug of war, obstacle race, water relay, and many more. All the events were fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable. The children were plagued with perspiration and fatigue but their hearts were full and faces, radiant.

After the vigorous contests, the medal distribution ceremony was held for the champions. The children revelled in the glory of their respective houses. All participants were extraordinarily brilliant, astonishingly supportive of their peers, and heart-warmingly grateful to their teachers, parents, and friends. Pointwise, Sapphire House led the rally closely followed by Ruby, Topaz, and Emerald. The participants were all winners in their own right due to the mature manner in which they dealt with triumphs and coped with defeats.

This delightful event of camaraderie and unity would not be possible without the hard work of the dedicated P.E Department, the guidance of the teachers and staff, and the participation of the charged students and their supportive parents. After the event, everyone was excited and thrilled to show their medals and prizes to their family and friends. It was most definitely an unforgettable experience where the most precious accessories donned by everyone were the huge grins on their faces.

Authors: Keith Gada and Mrunmayee Rane- Grade 8