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DPGA’s Yearly Fitness Fiesta: Unleashing the Spirit of Sports
Saturday, 9th December, 2023

The senior Sports Day at DPGA exuded an atmosphere of athletic prowess and camaraderie. Firstly, individual races commenced with tremendous energy and anticipation. This was followed by relays and the newly introduced four-legged race. The pulse of the sports day reached its zenith with the much-anticipated “Survival of the Fittest” race. The name alone hinted at the gruelling challenge that awaited the competitors, promising a test of not only speed but also endurance and mental fortitude. Later, water relay with a fun twist was added to the regular relays. The competition was fierce with minute differences telling them apart.

The sports day reached a crescendo of strength and teamwork with the eagerly awaited Tug of War showdown. Teams from various houses, gathered on the field, ready to engage in a battle of raw power and strategy.
Senior Sports Day wasn’t merely a competition; it was a celebration of resilience, teamwork and the unwavering spirit of the accomplished student-athletes.

Author: Ananya Mayank and Anshika Arya, Grade 9