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Cambridge Checkpoint Examination Results 2014-15

It was a proud moment for the DPGA (New Panvel) family and a new feather in its cap as the result of the Cambridge Checkpoint Examination was declared. All the students exhibited a remarkable performance and passed the exam with flying colours.

There was a tie for the First position that was bagged by Tanish Shelar and Foram Doshi. Both of them were awarded a perfect score of 6 points in Mathematics and Science and a score of 5.9 points in English. They were followed by Aman Patekar in the Second position who scored 5.9 points in English, 5.8 points in Mathematics and 5.4 points in Science.

The entire family at Dr. Pillai Global Academy appreciates the efforts and the hard work of all its teachers and congratulates the students for achieving such good results.

Checkpoint Results 2014

CIE Results 2012

The results of CIE courses announced on the 13th August brought glad tidings of success and grades reflecting brilliant achievement to many diligent learners of Dr. Pillai Global Academy. 50% of all the grades earned were an A* or an A in the IGCSE batch of 2010-2012. From the IGCSE batch, Aishwarya Sridhar scored A*s for all the subjects she had appeared. Namit Verma and Namita Nair also recorded excellent results from the IGCSE batch by securing A’s and A*’s in all their subjects. Namita Nair also achieved an ICE Award with distinction. From the A Level class of 2010-2012, Aaditya Menon achieved A*’s in all the subjects becoming a role model for all his juniors.