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IBDP Toppers 2022-2023

IBDP Results 2020-2022

‘Challenges and problems are the fuels of success’

The IBDP students of Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel have once again brought laurels to the school by bringing an excellent result. In spite of all the challenges that were in the path of our students due to the pandemic, they emerged triumphant by acquiring world class grades.

Kanika Dua has proudly emerged as the topper with 37 points out of 45. Tanvi Bangar is not far behind with 36 points, followed by Tanisha Mittal who has scored 31 points.

Kanika scored a perfect 7 in ESS. Tanvi scored a perfect 3 in the core elements of Extended essay and Theory of Knowledge. Tanisha and Tanvi have proudly scored an A grade in the Theory of Knowledge Essay.
These students have elevated the benchmark and have also proved to everyone around them that goals can be achieved only through hard work, dedication and perseverance. The school is elated with pride and we feel on top of the world!!

Congratulations to the batch of IBDP 2020-22!!

IBDP Results 2019-2021

Excellence isn’t a skill – it’s an attitude. At DPGA, New Panvel we strive for perfection! We are thrilled to share that we had outstanding IBDP results in 2021.

Sheetal Sangwan topped the IBDP results securing total points of 43 out of 45 with a perfect score of 7 in five subjects. Shrey Banthia bagged 42 points including a perfect score of 7 in five subjects. Another high achiever, Anika Tandon, bagged a total of 41 points with a perfect 7 in two subjects.

Sheetal Sangwan, Anika Tandon and Vishwajeet Pingle took a phenomenal perfect score of 3 in the IBDP core subjects – Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge.

A perfect grade of 7 in certain subjects was also acquired by our outstanding achievers – Lynette George, Vishwajeet Pingle and Gandharv Banthia.

Let us congratulate these young achievers for their spectacular achievement. Their determination, hard work and skill have paid off! We wish them good luck for all their future endeavours.

IB Results 2018-2020

Adding yet another feather in our hat, the IBDP batch of 2018-20, has brought laurels to DPGA, New Panvel.

Nupur Divekar emerged as the topper of the batch with a total of 37 points out of 45, closely followed by Melissa Buthello who scored total 36 points, Saurabh Jha with 35 and Prabha Kulkarni with total 34 points in the IBDP examinations. Nupur scored perfect point 7 in three out of six subjects: Psychology, Chemistry and Biology.

The school is also proud to announce the names of Aayush Bhosle, Abhishek Rao, Annant Porwal, Hasti Sharda and Jonathan Reuben for obtaining a perfect score of 7 in Business Management. Melissa and Saurabh also scored perfect 7 in Psychology.

Aayush Bhosle bagged a perfect A grade for his Extended Essay in Business Management.

The result speaks volumes of the efforts put by all the students.

Heartiest congratulations to all the excelling students of IBDP (2018-20) batch…!!

IB Results 2017-2019

The batch of 2017-19, from the IB Curriculum, at DPGA, brought Laurels to the School, by obtaining Excellent grades in their respective Board Examinations.

IBDP Examinations were topped by Akanksha Deshpande, who scored 42 points,with Perfect score of 7 in 4 subjects, followed by Khushi Rana, who scored 37 points out of a total of 45 points.

These results stand epitome to the efforts put in by the school in enabling students reach their goals.

IB Results 2016-2018

The school had 100% IB results which made the staff immensely happy.

Ratul Debnath scored an ‘A’ grade in Hindi Extended Essay.

Prachit Sohani scored a 6 grade in Business Management.

The school statistics showed the overall performance in Group 3 subjects quite above the global average scores which speaks voluminous about the IB teaching staff at Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel.

IB Results 2015-2017

The excellent IB results for May session 2017 of DPGA made the staff and parents proud.

Three students, Jessie, Meraj Farid and Mithila Patankar scored a total of 34 points.

Jessie secured an ‘A’ grade in the English Extended essay, a perfect score of 3 in the core subjects (Extended essay and Theory of knowledge), Grade 6 in Business Management and Mathematical Studies.

Meraj Farid scored Grade 6 in Psychology and Hindi.

Mithila Patankar scored Grade 6 in Biology, Chemistry and Economics.

Ameya Deshpande scored Grade 6 in Hindi and Economics.

Twinkle scored Grade 6 in Business and Management.

IB Results 2014-2016

The destiny of hard work is always success”

Our IB student Neeraj Nair brought laurels to the school by recording a remarkable performance in the International Baccalaureate May 2016 exams. He secured a total of 33 points which includes a perfect score of 7 in Hindi and 6 in Economics.

IB Results 2013-2015

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort”
–Franklin D. Roosevelt

The IB students brought happiness to the school by achieving the finest scores.

Ria Munot stood at the first position with a total of 36 points. She scored a perfect grade 7 in Hindi, grade 6 in Business & Management, Economics and Environmental systems and Societies.

The second position was secured by Swathi Nair who scored a total of 31 grade points which includes a grade 6 in Hindi, Business & Management and Mathematical Studies. The other perfect grade 7 scorer was Rhea Gill who accomplished this in Visual Arts.

The grades in Internal Assessments have been impressive with students scoring 6 and 7 in most of the subjects.

IB Results 2012-2014

“Success is delivered to the deserving.”

The students of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme of DPGA New Panvel, Akash Jishnu and Shubhankar Patankar, made the school proud by securing good grade points in all the subjects they had appeared. Shubhankar Patankar secured a perfect 7 grade point in Physics, French and Economics, and a grade point of 6 in Chemistry.