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DPGA > Field Trips > Trip to Home of Warli Art

A local area art trip to Kalasti Village (30 kilometres ahead of Dahanu, on the border of Maharasthra and Gujarat) was arranged in the 1st week of January, 2014 (3rd, 4th and 5th of January) for the art students for grades 9, 10, AS level, A level and IBDP1. They were accompanied by their Visual Art teacher, Ms. Aparna Mugwe and local artist Mr. Hareshwar Vanga. The duration of the trip was three days and two nights.

The aims and objectives were as follows:

  1. To experience and gather firsthand information about the lifestyle of Warli tribe.
  2. How their lifestyle is reflected in the Warli art form.
  3. Origin of Warli painting.
  4. Process and technique of doing Warli Painting.
  5. To create awareness about their own surrounding and encourage the local art form.

The students were informed about the local area art trip and its requirement two months in advance and were asked to inquire into the same before the trip which would enable them to know about the background of the art form before the visit.

Students had full opportunity to explore the village, Warli lifestyle and the art form. Every night students had to write reflections on the entire day’s experience and a group discussion was held. They were encouraged to make use of art vocabulary through the process of critiquing. This would help them to write about the research and reflections focusing on the requirement of language development in the subject. Group discussions helped them to understand each other’s observation, weak and plus points and encouraged them to work as a team especially in the land art project. Students had an opportunity to do land art as well apart from Warli artwork.


Overall the trip was a success. Students not only got an opportunity to learn new art form (Warli) but also experience their lifestyle, live life their way, eat simple food like Warli’s do and come home with a complete unique experience.

It helped them to understand the initial process of research work requirement of Art and Design / Visual art- How to jot down the observations? How to gather information and images? How actual experience enables the artwork to represent true reflection of the same?