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The annual trip- this year to Pune- was the most awaited event of the year for all of us who had enrolled ourselves for 3 days of exhilarating and rewarding adventure without the company of our soul mate- cell phones!

The trip started with a bang as we, with open arms and secured helmets began the adventure course that was to occupy hours of our time. It included walking on thin rods, balancing on tires, swinging on wooden slabs as wide as a calculator, all at a height of more than 7ft. Later we went on to test our aiming skills at archery and rifle shooting- some miserably failing! Ahead of us stood the wall for rock climbing and rappelling that many climbed and then came falling down. Late evening, there was campfire followed by instructions for the next day’s trek.

The next day, with great energy, we began the bus journey till the foot of Sinhagad Fort after which we all were taken atop in jeeps to a certain height from where we started the upward trek. The fort was beautiful and when we looked down from there, we could actually see the whole city of Pune. Shortly after, the downward trek began. The steep descent at some places made the trek difficult. We could successfully complete the trek though with minor sprains and cramps. After that, delicious food was served before us at a resort at the foot of the fort. Many of us enjoyed the zip line at the resort as well. With aching bodies we had a DJ night back at our resort, followed by dinner.

Next morning, we treated ourselves to a swim in ice cold water along with amusing water slides. Right after lunch, with packed luggage, we boarded the bus back to school. The whole experience with friends and teachers was worthwhile and very fascinating. Recommended to all!