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Guru Nanak Jayanti or Gurpurab is one of the most revered day observed by the Sikh community to glorify the tenets of Sikhism. Guru Nanak Jayanti commemorates the birth of Guru Nanak, the first Sikh Guru. Both in the literal sense and in essence, Gurpurab means ‘festival of the gurus’. The historic day is celebrated across the world by devout Sikhs with great fervour and collective spirit and effort, asserting the message of morality, hard work and truth inherent in the preaching’s of Guru Nanak. Owing to the fact that Guru Nanak enlightened the world with his profound teachings, the day is also known as ‘Prakash Utsav’.

Early Years visited Guru Dwara in New Panvel on Friday, 18th November 2016 to celebrate Gurpurab to mark the Parkash Utsav of Guru Nanak Dev and to instill values of open mindedness among children through multicultural awareness.

As the children entered Guru Dwara, they covered their head with a scarf as a mark of respect to the Granth Sahib. On entering the main hall they saw Sri Guru Granth Sahib, draped in fine raiment, which was placed on a palanquin, flower-bedecked, and under a canopy. Children came, and knelt before the Granth Sahib with their forehead touching the ground. This was then followed by taking their seat on the carpeted floor. The head of Guru Dwara briefly explained the Sikhism and also appraised the children for showing respect for/ towards the Granth Sahib. Later the children were requested to fold hands. This was followed by the priest reciting the Ardas. Adras literally mean a humble petition or prayer, concluding with a supplication to God, seeking His grace for the good of all mankind. The Ardas recalls the blessings of the Gurus and the sacrifices made by the community in the course of its history. At the end of the service, prasad or sacrament, a preparation of wheat flour, ghee and sugar, was distributed. Before leaving the Guru Dwara the children also received Khada Prasad and juice to drink. The children found the Guru Dwara atmosphere very devotional and blissful.