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KETTO crowd funding for the COVID 19 pandemic through Habitat for Humanity

IBDP CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) has always been the strength of our school receiving applauds through its unique initiatives. Even during the unprecedented times of the pandemic, our students took up CAS initiatives with full enthusiasm and determination proving their caliber no matter what the situation was…

As COVID-19 continued to undermine the joys of living, the future seemed never so unpredictable. When the world became increasingly interconnected, so did the risks we faced. The consequences of the pandemic were not the same for all. It hit the most vulnerable, the hardest…!!

Amidst all such hurdles, IBDP year 1 students from Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel, with their outpouring sentiments joined hands with Habitat for Humanity, India, to contribute in their “COVID-19 Pandemic Response Program.” Jointly they raised a sum of INR 1, 25, 194/- through Ketto crowdfunding which went into provision of ‘family essentials kits’ and ‘safety kits’ to the deprived communities of the neighboring locality. The month-long engagement program began with the need assessment session in which the most vulnerable families of Vartaknagar, in Thane district, were identified. Most of these were from matriarchal families of rag pickers who were struggling to make ends meet and had meagre sources left with them. All mandatory permissions from local authorities were taken and safety measures considered before the distribution of the kits to the families. Necessary documents such as Aadhaar Card, names of recipients, addresses and contact details from each family were collected to ensure the smooth implementation of the program.

The distribution of the kits was done by the volunteers from Habitat for Humanity on 4th December 2020 which was witnessed virtually by our IBDP students. They were able to connect the real-life hardships faced by the underprivileged sections of our society. It was a heart-touching moment when the school students had live interaction with the family members of the distressed community. They asked questions to know more about their living conditions and sources of livelihood in these difficult times. The students became empathetic and compassionate towards the children of these families who were unable to have an unhindered access to school education due to availability of limited resources with them. The members of the recipient community also expressed their gratitude towards our students who had come forward to help them in these difficult times through collection of funds.

Our students were keen to know in what other ways they could contribute to making a difference in the lives of these less fortunate people. The interactive session ended with a promise made from both sides to meet again after the end of the pandemic.

It was indeed a sensitizing life-time experience of its kind for our DP students.

If we hope for a better world tomorrow, we need to act now and extend a helping hand to the needy. There is no bigger joy than the joy of giving. Such learning experiences are an integral part of IBDP which help students to become responsible members of the community that they live in and help to create a more caring environment around them.