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The Prabalgad Fort was built by the Bahmani Sultanate to keep an eye on the Panvel Fort and the Kalyan Fort in the North Konkan area. Around 1458 A.D, “Malik Ahmad” the prime minister of the kingdom of Ahmednagar, took over the fort during his conquest of Konkan.

The fort is situated on a mountain which is divided into two sections. After reading multiple reviews, we planned to trek the first section as it was rated to be a moderate intensity trek.

We chose to trek up Prabalgad because it is known to have a spectacular view of the city of Navi Mumbai from the peak. The distance of the hill was also feasible for arranging transportation for all the students.

To plan the trek, choosing the path was the most difficult part because we had students who would be trekking for the first time, so we had to choose a relatively easier way to trek and yet one, which should seem adventurous. We considered the weather conditions while we chose the day for the trek and expected rainfall.

Finally, Prabalgad it was and we scheduled our trek on the 13th July, 2019.

We went in the as a group of 26 students, our teachers supervised us. We started our journey at 2:00 p.m. and finished our downhill journey by 6:00 p.m. Trek was through dense trail that ran alongside a waterfall. The trail proved to be challenging as we spent a lot of time ascending. The view up the hill was absolutely splendid!

We began climbing down mid-way through the trail due to the lack of time. We also experienced heavy rainfall during our trek back down. The rain made the trek more challenging but it was a great experience for all. It was a difficult return journey because heavy rainfall made the route slippery. We were equipped with medical aid in case of any injuries during the trek, but were glad to report none at the end of the trek.

Everyone on the trek was enthusiastic and helpful to their friends as it was a difficult trek with all slippery and muddy route, but indeed adventurous!

By – Hasti Sharda & Jonathan Reuben
IBDP 2 Student
Batch – 2018-2020