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Subjects Offered

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As per the curriculum in the IBDP, we at DPGA, Panvel offer various subjects under the six subject groups as expected by the IB. The different subjects offered group-wise in the school are as follows.

Group 1

  • English A: Literature (HL/SL)

Group 2

  • Hindi B (HL/SL)
  • French B ab initio (SL)/ French B (SL)

Group 3

  • Business Management (HL/SL)
  • Economics (HL/SL)
  • Psychology (HL/SL)
  • Environmental Systems and Societies (SL)

Group 4

  • Biology (HL/SL)
  • Chemistry (HL/SL)
  • Computer Science (HL/SL)
  • Physics (HL.SL)
  • Environmental Systems and Societies (SL)

Group 5

  • Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (HL/SL)
  • Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations (HL/SL)

Group 6

  • Visual Art (HL/SL)

Students can choose their combination subjects as per their choice with 3 at standard level and 3 subjects as higher level along with the 3 compulsory core components to satisfy the IB criteria for the Diploma Programme.

*A combination of subjects may be chosen as per the requirement of the student, subject to the feasibility of offering the combination of subjects in each group and the maximum demand in the respective batch.