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A workshop for teachers was held on ‘Organ Donation ’on 9th August 2018 at Dr. Pillai Global Academy. The workshop was conducted by leading pediatrician Dr. Amod Divekar (parent of DP 1) in collaboration with Rotary Club of Panvel Central. It was a part of the drive for organ donation pledge to teachers. Dr. Divekar gave an inspiring message to by emphasizing the importance of organ donation. He spoke of compassion and generosity and the difference that a donated organ can make by giving a new leash of life to a needy person.

Principal Ms. Shraddha Sardesai, also shared her thoughts with all present and stressed on the fact that how teachers can be a beacon of light by showing the right path for humanity through their commitment for organ donation. The teachers’ community of the school showed their support and took a pledge for the noble cause.